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Here are some Frequently asked questions added to help you with your shopping experience at motoXart


Q:What is your production time?

A:Production time is typically around 5 business days. Choosing express at checkout only speeds up the shipping time. If you need your stickers quickly we have a "Priority Production" option on the order form. Selecting this means that your order jumps to the front of the queue.

If you order priority production before 12 noon your stickers will ship the next business day. We do believe that this is the fastest in Australia :-)

Q: What material do you use to make your stickers?

A: We use a material called "Substance"  click to visit their website where you can find out all about the product and its superior performance to anything else available on the market, if you are not getting this product from your current supplier they are cutting corners and supplying you with something not designed for the purpose.


Q: Why are your graphics cheaper than most other companies

A: When we started MotoXart many years ago we had a different business model than most companies. We had several kids riding and we were frustrated at the cost of good quality graphics. Here is what happens with other more expensive companies.

They factor into their base price things like "free proofs" "free logo changes" "free mini plates" "free matte laminate" regardless of whether you require them or not, you still pay for them up front.

At MotoXart these are all extras that can be added on at checkout IF YOU REQUIRE THEM, this brings our base price right down to a sensible level. Simple as that.