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Upgrade Your KTM
Ever felt like your KTM, despite its unmatched performance, looks just like every other bike on the block? It's not just you! Many riders feel that their motorcycle lacks a personal touch. We offer the perfect solution: bespoke graphics kits tailored specifically for KTM motorcycles.

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The Benefits of Our Sticker Kits
In today's biking landscape, there's more to motorcycling than just performance; it's about making a statement and carving out your distinct identity on the road. And that's precisely what our sticker kits bring to the table. Imagine pulling up at your favourite spot, and your KTM isn't just another bike-it's an extension of your unique style and personality.

Not only do our designs help your motorcycle stand out, but they also serve a protective role. With its vast and varied terrain, Australia is a haven for riders, but the harsh sun can take a toll on your bike's appearance. Our sticker kits offer that extra layer of protection, guarding against unsightly scratches and the detrimental effects of UV rays. It's more than just aesthetics; it's about preserving the pristine condition of your beloved KTM.


KTM Decal Features
Every rider knows that details matter. That's why our KTM sticker kits are meticulously tailored for the perfect fit for your dirtbike. We understand the dynamic contours and the unique lines that set KTM apart, and our designs accentuate these features rather than obscure them. But while style is paramount, durability isn't far behind. We've ensured that every sticker kit is UV-resistant. No more worrying about your graphics fading after those long rides under the Australian sun; they'll stay as vibrant as the day you applied them.

Speaking of applications, we've made the process incredibly user-friendly. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newbie, our kits ensure a smooth, bubble-free finish that transforms your bike within minutes. So even if you've never applied a decal in your life with our KTM graphics, you're in safe hands.


How It Works
Step 1: Select Your Model
Choose your KTM model from our extensive list.


Step 2: Pick a Design or Customise
Browse our gallery or collaborate with our designers for a bespoke look.


Step 3: Easy DIY Installation
With our step-by-step guide, applying your sticker kit is a breeze. Or, if you're local, swing by and we'll help you out!


Step 4: Rev and Revel
Hit the track and turn heads with your newly decked-out KTM.


Our Guarantee
We stand by our product. If you're not 100% satisfied with your sticker kit within 30 days, we can offer a full refund, no questions asked. Plus, our kits come with a 2-year colour-fade guarantee.

Shop Online
Ready to take your KTM from standard to standout? Dive into our design gallery now and give your ride the revamp it deserves! We deliver our sticker kits to your home, anywhere in Australia. Shop online for fast delivery. 

Our KTM motocross graphics kits are second to none for style and durability, so treat yourself and your bike today!