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Buy Signature Sticker Kits that Boost Your Yamaha Bike!
Turn Your Yamaha Into a Masterpiece with Our Exclusive Graphics.


Transform Your Yamaha
Yamaha motorcycles are celebrated worldwide for their unparalleled performance and dynamic design. Yet, amidst the sea of roaring engines and gleaming chrome, how do you make your Yamaha distinctly yours? Enter our Yamaha-specific sticker kits: a fusion of artistry and individuality. Created for passionate riders who appreciate both the legacy of Yamaha and the desire for a unique touch, our kits give your bike an edge in aesthetics and identity.

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The Benefits of Our Sticker Kits
Yamaha motorcycles are icons in their own right, but there's always room to infuse a bit more of 'you' into them. With our sticker kits, not only do you make a bold style statement, but you also provide an added shield to your bike. Australia's diverse riding terrains are thrilling, but they can be tough on your bike's aesthetics. Our stickers act as guardians, shielding against scratches and the unforgiving Aussie sun, ensuring that your Yamaha looks as young as it feels, ride after ride.

Yamaha MX graphics are our passion and we can't wait to help you customise your ride!

Precision is at the heart of our sticker kits.

Designed exclusively for Yamaha models, each kit complements the bike's natural lines, celebrating its design while adding a fresh twist. Given the Australian climate, we've prioritised UV resistance in our stickers. No matter how many sunny escapades you embark on, your graphics remain unyieldingly vibrant. If you're pondering the application process, rest easy. Our kits are designed for effortless applications, ensuring a seamless finish every time. Your Yamaha deserves the best, and that's precisely

what we promise.


How It Works
Step 1: Select Your Model
Start by selecting your Yamaha model.


Step 2: Pick a Design or Customise
Browse our gallery of sticker kits available for your Yamaha bike.


Step 3: Easy DIY Installation
With our step-by-step guide, applying your sticker kit is a breeze. Or, if you're local, swing by and we'll help you out!


Step 4: Rev and Revel
Go offroading while turning heads with your newly decked-out Yamaha.


Our Guarantee
We believe in the premium quality and exceptional durability of our Yamaha sticker kits, and we want you to share that confidence. If, within the first 30 days, you find that our product doesn't live up to your expectations or the vibrancy and fit aren't as promised, simply get in touch. We're committed to either making it right or offering you a full refund. No hoops to jump through or lengthy forms, just our word to you. Moreover, we're so confident in the resilience of our UV-resistant stickers that we provide a 2-year colour-fade assurance. Ride under the Aussie sun without a worry; we've got your Yamaha's shine covered.


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